He founded the Medicare Gurus Facebook Group which now has over 6,500 members. This group was the first of its kind and has educated and brought agents together nationwide.

Justin serves as the Vice President for the Mississippi Association of Health Underwriters (MAHU). Which is the state affiliate of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). NAHU represents over 100,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants, and benefit professionals from across America. 

Justin is also a contributing member of the Forbes Expert Council on health insurance and Medicare as well as serving as an advisory board member for Manhattan Life Insurance Company.

Most notably, Justin is the majority owner and CEO of Safe Harbor Insurance which owns and operates Bobby Brock Insurance and Medicare Gurus.

Brandon Clay is a 26 year Medicare industry professional. He began his career in 1996 as a sales agent and has held executive sales positions with United Healthcare, CIGNA healthcare and XLhealth (Care Improvement Plus).

In 2016, he began working with FMO‘s that specialized in final expense life insurance, and helped them successfully implement strategies to integrate Medicare into their portfolio.

He joined Senior Market Advisors in the fall of 2019, helping orchestrate continued growth for one of the fastest growing marketers in the country.  He has recently been named CEO of that organization to help chart their continued growth in the senior insurance space
Brandon Clay has become well known in the industry as a storyteller, strategist and coach. He is a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant proving inspiration and instruction to over 30,000 agent in the insurance industry. He is the author of seven books including Sales Crumbs from the Masters table and 6 Hours to 6 Figures – the  definitive guide to becoming a six-figure senior market advisor.

He lives in McDonough Georgia, with his wife of 33 years, Natalie, and has three children and six grandchildren.

2 Minute Medicare was started by Yevgeniy “Eugene” Marchenko.

Eugene obtained his license in 2010 while working in the banking industry. After the decline of the economy in 2008 and countless conversations with folks about ways to keep their homes, Eugene realized it is time to focus on an industry that actually helps people.

After getting his license, his experience in helping folks with their health and life insurance needs led him to open his own brokerage.

Now, representing a multitude of companies throughout the United States, his opinion is unbiased. His goal is to help individuals with their insurance needs and to find the right product that helps people in their specific situation.

2 Minute Medicare has one goal in mind.

To simplify Medicare and make it easy to understand.

There is a lot of information and most people have a hard time navigating all of the confusion. Instead of spending months researching, 2 Minute Medicare will help answer any question you have in 2 minutes or less.

All you have to do is search for your questions.

Eric Fierro has been in the insurance industry for over 14 years. He found his home in the Broker Channel of the Senior Market in 2006 selling Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements. During that period he spent much of his time educating, training, supporting, and servicing clients and insurance agents across 36 states as the Director of Sales & Marketing for a National FMO. Currently Eric owns and operates a very successful call center focused on selling Medicare Supplements, and works in 35 states.

Eric is the founder of one of the industry’s highest regarded training platforms, designed to help new and seasoned agents grow and excel in the Medicare industry.

Hi , My name is Victoria Cabrera a Licensed Insurance Agent with coverage2care LLC  and creator of The Medicare Space.

I first started helping individuals and small businesses with their health insurance needs back in 2005. I then had soon realized that over 90% of people I talked to could not make sense of health insurance and the hundreds of insurance options available to them. Most of my customers and people shopping were looking for a reliable and trustworthy guide to help them make the right insurance choices by simply making things easy to understand. Turns out, I did a really good job at making things simple  by first educating them on how insurance worked. After being told ” Wow, you made this insurance stuff really easy” over 1000 times, I knew I was on to something. What do you know, making education easy was the key.

During my years of being a licensed agent I discovered that there was a particular population that was being underserved and also undereducated on insurance. Take a guess? Yes, our senior citizen community. I believe there are people out there that are doing the research but they are not getting the information that they need. Have you tried researching about Medicare lately? So I decided to make it my duty and responsibility to educate as many senior citizens as I can about Medicare and their insurance options along with making  it is as easy as possible. That is how The Medicare Space was born! 

Above all else, I am blessed with an incredible wife and children who are the primary motivation behind anything I do. I also happen to be an experienced entrepreneur and leader with a passion for building businesses that are differentiated in their industries not only by their performance, but by their commitment to the client and strong business culture. While I have a love and proven successful history in the health insurance industry, I see opportunities in countless niches to build businesses that are beautiful not only based on their ability to make money and scale, but to create experiences that anyone associated with the business can be proud of and passionate about – clients, employees, partners, and community. I love creating leverage through the developing of individual contributors and teams, constantly refining processes and building and implementing technology and automation where it makes sense. I’m driven to help the companies I’m associated with to be able to look back on the previous year and know they are better this year at taking care of the client and have a stronger culture than the prior year. When that happens, along with stringent management of the internal KPI’s, scaling becomes an inevitable outcome.

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry. Skilled in Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Retirement Planning, and Long Term Care. Focused on overall growth by creating an environment where building our partners businesses is the main focus.
Dena brings 20 years of experience in the health insurance and Medicare industry. She hosts a weekly national radio show where she educates individuals, families, seniors and employers on how to navigate the health care system.  Dena has been Producer of the Year for NA Advisors the past four consecutive years.   She is also Vice President of Sales at NA Advisors where she mentors other Advisors to help them accomplish their business objectives.  Dena is also a frequent speaker at national insurance events, and uses her industry experience to help educate Advisors around the country.   Dena is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Marketing and was a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority.  She annually certifies as both a Medicare and ACA agent.  She is a 3 time Boston Marathon qualifier. NA Advisors is a boutique organization of elite producers and part of North American Insurance Services, a national independent insurance marketing organization.

T&T Insurance is a licensed, independent insurance agency that is equipped to provide its clients with accurate knowledge regarding most forms of consumer insurance. We also work with dozens of insurance companies so we can offer our clients appropriate coverage for them. Our offices are located in Petoskey, MI, but our clients are located all across Michigan and the nation, giving us a great feel for the insurance landscape.
You’ve worked hard for your money, now it’s time to enjoy life. Let us help you maximize your insurance needs.

I am a happy person that loves watching movies where the good guys win. I’m motivated by helping people stop and think about what is really important to them and then helping them set a course to achieve it

Turning 65 Solutions Tax and Insurance is a Texas State licensed insurance broker that specializes in solving the problems of today’s Baby Boomer generation. Through the avenues of Health, Life, and Long Term Care insurance, as well as retirement income planning, we have been able to help our clients enjoy their retirement years free from the worries that many seniors face.

I teach insurance agents how to use technology and implement systems in order to scale their business and get more freedom through my company Insurance Advertising Masters.

I started Insurance Advertising Masters, LLC in January of 2019. Insurance Advertising Masters was born from previous clients of my advertising agency wanting to learn how to bring advertising in house. I started to teach them, and it went better than I could have ever expected. We have since grown to teaching insurance agents and financial advisors how to market and advertise using funnels, Facebook Ads and Youtube Ads.

A Marine Corps Veteran turned entrepreneur Matt Sapaula found his success in the financial services industry with help from his mentor and host of Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David.

He is now currently the newly appointed Chief Distribution Officer of PHP Agency, and has amassed a following of thousands of people ready to change their family legacy by becoming a member of the 7 Figure Squad.

Gaylan Hendricks is the CEO of Senior Security Benefits and a Managing Partner at Integrity Marketing Group.

In the historically male-dominated insurance industry, Gaylan pioneered her way to the top from her company’s inception in 2001 to sales of over $100 million in 2020. As she has risen in the industry, Gaylan’s philosophy has been to help others, rather than compete against them. She shares her knowledge as a speaker at several large industry events. Additionally, she is considered “Queen of the Bundle” as her platform for coaching others individually, through podcasts and on social media where she has gained thousands of followers. She conducts training in cross-selling insurance products with techniques she coined “30-60-90” and “Spouse in the House.”

Known for her bright personality, Gaylan brings energy and passion into everything she does. Gaylan excels in designing scripts for sales lead generation. She has held her health and life insurance license since 1987 and serves on the advisory councils for several major carriers.

Along with her role as CEO, she believes in giving back to the community. She served as a board member of the American Heart Association for four years. She serves on the executive council for Ronald McDonald House, and supports Hope Fort Worth, Fundamental Legacy and Polished Ministries.

Gaylan has a fierce love of family and enjoys spending time with her husband, Dan, children, grandchildren and her mini Aussiedoodle, Ruby Faith. Whenever she possibly can, Gaylan is on a plane traveling the world and seeing first-hand all that God has created.

Jagger Esch is a young entrepreneur and seasoned insurance expert in Palm Harbor, Florida. Originally from Dunedin, Florida, his passion for helping people began at a very young age.

Jagger’s avid interest in the insurance industry began at the young age of 19 when he was mentored by his elder brother, who had a successful career with AmeriLife, one of the most prominent marketing groups in the nation for Medicare, Annuities, and Life Insurance.

Just a year later, Jagger also obtained employment with AmeriLife, where he worked directly with Medicare agents and became one of the leading marketers with the company.

During his time with AmeriLife, he worked with some of the top Medicare agents and agencies and became very cultured in the insurance industry. By the time he was 24, Jagger had started his first insurance agency.

Currently, Jagger serves as the accomplished President and CEO of Elite Insurance Partners, LLC (EIP). EIP is ranked in the top five Medicare Supplement brokerage firms nationwide. Furthermore, EIP ranks at the top of the industry for internet lead generation.

Since the inception of his first company in 2012, Jagger has been dedicated to generating ample leads to attract and employ skilled agents in the insurance industry. Jagger has continually generated leads and business 100% in-house.

EIP maintains a “client always comes first” mentality. Jagger and his COO David partner with proficient agents who share the same devotion to making clients their first priority.

EIP’s success path consists of seeking a growing team of professionals who are both integrity-focused and success-driven.

Jagger and Elite Insurance Partners hold licenses in 48 states and work with more than 30 of the most recognized Supplemental Medicare insurance companies nationwide.

With a vast knowledge of technology, insurance, and customer satisfaction, Jagger and David have created a team of business professionals who are quickly dominating the industry.

During his free time, Jagger enjoys boating, fishing, golf, and spending quality time with his family. As a family man, he is equally eager to help employees provide for their loved ones.

Coach Micheal Burt is considered the leading authority on “activating the PREY DRIVE” in people and teams around the world. Coach Burt defines Prey Drive in this context as “an instinctual ability to see something with the eyes optically or in the mind and have the persistence and intensity to pursue it.”

Based on Micheal’s unique background as a former championship women’s basketball coach combined with his impressive ability to build a “competitive intelligence” in people, the 17X author uses a unique methodology to inner engineer people to compete at the highest levels. Coach Burt goes to work on all four parts of a person’s nature through building specific knowledge for the mind, impeccable skills for the body, intense desire for the heart, and a contagious confidence for the spirit.

Hired by many of the top companies in the world to activate this drive in their teams Micheal has built out a framework and model to “FLIP the SWITCH” in people that shows quantitative improvements in concentrated periods of time. Currently Micheal is building and licensing “Greatness Factories” around the world, which are unique destination locations that combine “intentional collaboration” between members through inspired real estate, coaching programs, and a common desire to do something LEGENDARY.

I have worked in the Insurance Industry for over 18 years! I was raised by my Grandparents and at an early age had to handle their personal things like Insurance and today still handle them for them! I went to college here and stayed after I graduated. I feel in love with the city and the people. Over the years after working for Blue Cross, Humana, Healthspring and United Healthcare. I grew my agency to 12 states and over 20 agents.

I have been in the Insurance, Medicare, and Senior Health Insurance products market since 2005 as several roles at Brokers Assistance, Inc./ Fidelis Consultants, LLC in Westminster, CO. My experience and knowledge was relied upon by several agents and brokers that work with Brokers Assistance, Inc. and Fidelis. For the last 10 years, I have been the Medicare Sales Director responsible for recruiting, training, supporting agents and brokers throughout Colorado and several other states. I am a unique broker in that I have been in almost every possible role within a high-producing agency and have knowledge accross vast amounts of topics and situations. Eat, Sleep, and Drink Medicare has been all Ive known for the majority of my adult working life. I have symbiotic relationships with Accountants, Financial Planners, Provider Offices, Senior Housing Facilities and Communities, and more- Let me know if you would like to find out the value I add if you are a professional who has clients over or approaching the age of 65 or Medicare entitlement. I can help you grow your business and increase retention rates!

In June of 2018 I made the transition to an Independent Broker to focus on building my own agency, Medicare Peace Of Mind, Inc. My passion and love is helping people, specifically baby boomers aging into or whom are already have Medicare entitlement. I always do what is best for my clients, and am committed to making the Medicare “Maze” a painless, easy-to-understand, and complete an annual review to ensure we adapt to the changing plans and situations of life. My goal is to help each of my clients to enjoy their Golden Years with Medicare Peace Of Mind.

Founded in 2012 by Alex Beck and Justin Aquilia, Optimize.Ad became a direct-response company dedicated to running advertising and building tools that helped consumers purchase insurance plans. The founders were frustrated at how difficult it was for a consumer to get honest information about insurance, and talk to a licensed agent. In most cases, they would go through portal after portal promising them one thing, but then connecting them to a barrage of phone calls.

We were on a mission to be different, from the start. With a focus on true and honest marketing, and technology systems that connect consumers directly to licensed agents, the client results were highly acclaimed.

In the insurance industry we became well known as the highest quality producing direct-response advertisers. With that, we started branching into other verticals, like Mortgage Finance and Solar Power.

As we grow, we keep exceeding our customer expectations and building even better consumer facing products. We are a direct-response marketing and software company dedicated not just to generating leads for businesses, but building the ultimate consumer experiences.

As Founder and CEO of The Medicare Specialists, Chip Lewis leads the company in exceeding client service expectations with an unprecedented retention of a dedicated client based following. A servant hearted leader, Chip is a seasoned sales professional with a Bachelors of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University.

As a fourth-generation Savannah, Georgia native, Chip enjoys spending his free time with his family. His wife Ashley dedicates her time serving as a passionate Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. They enjoy spending time with their sons Luca, Liam and their German Shepard, Louie. Other endeavors for Chip include teaching English as a second language in Korea and serving as a firefighter.

His philanthropic work through The Medicare Specialists (TMS) is loyal to the communities it serves by intentionally focusing efforts towards re-investing into the lives of TMS clients.

The Medicare Specialists (TMS) is an independent insurance agency navigating clients through the daunting process of Medicare supplemental health care. Currently serving over 4,000 clients nationwide since 2009, the company is expanding office locations across the eastern seaboard. Primarily a referral based company TMS welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

Joanna spent four years of active duty in the United States Air Force, where she learned the discipline and determination to accomplish any goal she sets for herself.

Joanna’s expertise in the Medicare realm was honed by a nearly 10-year tenure at the Social Security Administration, where she processed Medicare enrollments and educated the public about enrollment periods and SSA’s Extra Help for Part D.

After becoming a health and life insurance agent in 2016, Joanna found her calling with Nationcare Insurance Services in January 2020 and now runs the agent and agency development team.

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Joanna assisted training agents in transitioning to remote sales as they could no longer go into the field. She also helped build an under-65 health insurance sales platform for agencies and agents to give them the tools they needed to assist the millions of Americans who suddenly found themselves trying to navigate Medicare, the Marketplace, and short-term health plans.

Joanna now speaks at conferences around the country. She also shares Medicare policy and sales tips daily in social media groups such as The Insurance Ladies, which features 3,600 female agents across all insurance lines, and Medicare Mentors, a group she started with Joe Tretola that consists of more than 2,500 agents nationally.

When she’s not helping clients navigate Medicare or training agents, Joanna’s favorite hobby is volunteering her time to assist in the veteran community and spending quality time with her friends and family.

For over a decade I have been building a nationally recognized brand and agency. My company Snarr Financial and Insurance Services, INC. is a family-owned and operated general agency. This allows us the ability to work with over 50 of the most competitive and quality financial institutions in the country, I work for my clients, not a firm!

As our growth has rapidly expanded across the country more and more folks have requested to work directly with me and our team. Unlike most recognized agencies, we try and help everyone we can, there is no minimum $500,000 or $1,000,000 estate needed to talk with us. Our services are best rendered with folks that have an emergency fund already established and have $100,000 + of retirement assets that they are looking to protect through safe money strategies. We are based in Austin, TX but work with clients all over the great state of Texas and the US.

I establish, develop, and maintain partnerships with local Brokers and Agencies in order to increase market share. Through training and marketing strategy, I am able to assist and guide each of my partners in growing their business. A combination of carrier and Field Marketing Organization (FMO) experience gives me the advantage to train, educate, and communicate on all sides of negotiations.

My goal in the Greater Houston market is to develop a power team of Agencies and Brokers to exceed performance expectations representing the multiple carriers.

Our Medicare expert, Danielle Kunkle Roberts, is a founding partner at Boomer Benefits, and is the author of the best-selling book 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make. She is a well-known professional in the Medicare insurance industry, having personally helped thousands of beneficiaries with their plan decisions. She has specialized in Medicare-related insurance products for over 15 years and is a member of the prestigious Forbes Finance Council.

Danielle is a former president of the Fort Worth chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters and she also sat on the association’s Texas state board for several years. As a Medicare Supplement Accredited Adviser, she knows a great deal about issues currently affecting Medicare. Likewise she is also a National Social Security Advisor Certificate Holder. NSSA® is the only Accredited Social Security Certificate program in the country.

A regular contributor to several industry publications, she has written extensively about Medicare and Medigap plans. She regularly appears as a guest expert on healthcare podcasts and radio shows. Many of her articles and interviews teach new beneficiaries about Medicare. She also enjoys discussing the costs of healthcare in retirement and how people can get ahead with their retirement savings in preparation for their future needs.

Robert Bache is the founder of Senior Healthcare Direct as well as several other Medicare-related web resources. As an independent broker, Robert assists people going on, or already on, Medicare with comparing the various Medicare plan options in an unbiased way and in a centralized place.

Robert’s agency, Senior Healthcare Direct, works with 30+ companies and serves thousands of clients in 40+ states. His position as an independent agent and experience specializing in this field give him the unique ability to help others navigate the Medicare “maze”.

He has also authored many informational pieces on Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance, which can be found at MedicareBob.com and other sites on the Internet.

Robert aka “MedicareBob™” has been awarded with several honors, based on production, and has been repeatedly commended for customer service and responsiveness to client needs. With the goal of customer delight, not just customer satisfaction, he has positioned himself as one of the leader’s in the Medicare insurance marketplace.

Personally, Robert is husband to Marlee and dad to Lukas and Austin. Involved in his community and church, Robert is focused on his family and running an ethical business.

Christian Brindle was raised & brought up around the insurance industry. With his dad being an insurance broker for close to 30 years, Christian had the luxury of being able to learn all about the industry from a young age. Christian has worked with people far and wide on their Medicare plans and has seen close to any situation. Christian believes in empowering people on Medicare by not just finding them a plan, but showing them and educating them on why that plan is a good fit. Christian hosts the most popular Medicare podcast on the internet called “The Everything Medicare Podcast!, has written and published two books about Medicare, and is the founder of his own company that is dedicated to helping people on Medicare everywhere.

Peter J. Fournier has been in the life insurance industry for nearly a decade. He has been a top producer in both a captive environment as well as within his own agency and has developed dozens of replicable procedures and presentations for hundreds of life agents across the country.

Starting as an intern in college, Peter was entrenched in the industry at an early age. After a few years as a captive agent, Peter branched off to an IMO and went through some trial by fire when it came to building and managing a team. Mistakingly focusing heavily on recruiting early on and trusting in a self-serving up-line, Peter had to dig himself out of a spot that so many agents find themselves in early on in their career. After making careful adjustments and reevaluating his business plan, he grew himself into a top personal producer and a well rounded manager and trainer, aiding his agents in achieving career milestones, both personally and financially. 

Today, Peter manages a team of agents, personally produces in the field, but most importantly, trains and coaches agents outside of his organization on how to become successful in the industry and avoid the mistakes that he had made in the past.

When Brad first got started in the insurance industry, he was a captive agent with a limited product offering. After two years he stepped away from his book of business, worth over half a million a year and had to start all over again.

But that didn’t stop him. Brad came to realize that the more contracts and carriers he had, was not the solution. It wasn’t until he focused on just a few carriers that made up most of the market that he really started killing it!

Brad Hannon has sold over $1,000,000 in Annual Premium every year for the last five years. He is an expert in the insurance field and knows the ropes for being a successful agent. Brad has trained many Health, Life, and FE agents and brokers to utilize and maximize their full potential in this industry.

Josh Lustig is a Medicare expert that has taught thousands of baby boomers how to navigate the complexities of Medicare and get the most out of their benefits. His family has been in the business of helping seniors make good decisions about their health insurance for over 30 years in North/Central Idaho plus many other states as well. Today, Josh and the team at Camas Prairie Insurance in Grangeville and Cottonwood, Idaho spend most of their time educating seniors about how Medicare works and what options they can choose from. His mission is to bring YOU clarity on the subject of Medicare!

Steven Martinez started working with Bobby Brock Insurance in 2018 after being involved in a multitude of sales and web development businesses. Steven started as a sales person for Bobby Brock Insurance in the middle of the 2018 Annual Enrollment, but it became quickly clear that his talents were not limited to salesmanship. After about a year the office was completely dependent upon Steven’s understanding of technology and attention to detail. Steven took the Customer Relationship Manager software that the company had been paying for but not using frequently and began the rigorous process of eliminating all archaic paper filing systems and the diverse array of redundant spreadsheets and cloud storage systems. This took years to accomplish, but it was a massive benefit to giving the company the foundation it needed to grow.


As the company grew and began to service agencies around the country, Steven took interest in their success without it being made part of his job description and ultimately helped many companies that were partners of Bobby Brock Insurance streamline their processes and create solid foundations for them. From a systems and processes stand point he was the perfect addition to Justin Brock’s Management and Sales experience. Their combined efforts allowed for exponential growth of the agency marketing and consulting side. 

Steven has a wife, Heather Martinez, two sons Tripp and Jet and a daughter on the way. He has graciously accepted the position as Chief Marketing Officer and looks forward to a bright future helping Justin Brock and the team at Bobby Brock Insurance revolutionize the insurance industry by being a business that has a process and desire that benefits everyone it comes into contact with. Medicare, Life insurance and Health Insurance would not be the same without players that bring their level of energy and enthusiasm to the table.

Tony is responsible for national business development and distribution of insurance products through the independent broker market for Precision Senior Marketing. He has successfully developed product distribution generating more than $35 million in annualized premium, and ranks among the top insurance marketers in the Medicare space.

As one of the nation’s leading Medicare Supplement Brokers, PSM provides its agents with only the market’s top products including Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Life Insurance, Annuities, Final Expense Insurance and other insurance products that provide security and a peace of mind for the nation’s exploding senior population.

Sandra’s goal is to see a world in which people are able to confidently use their unique voice, follow their dreams, embrace and monetize their passions and find a way to understand exactly what a toddler is trying to tell you.

As a digital marketer with years of experience, Sandra has worked with 1,000’s of small business owners, trained in high ticket consulting groups, spoken at multiple events, been featured in two documentaries, runs a top rated Podcast (Binding Authority) all while being a wife and keeping the worlds cutest three year old entertained, happy and from falling off of tall things he climbs.

Sandra is extremely passionate about helping people solve problems they are having in business. She has been described as being “a bit too much” or “a busy body” and voted “most eager to please” by her Highschool Senior Class. Sandra took these labels and turned into being famous for being a power connector and helping small business owners fix advertising and marketing issues. Known as the “Queen Bee Of Organic Social Media Marketing” Sandra is passionate about teaching agents to build their own personal brand. She also runs a group consulting course where she focuses on coaching and helping agents build smart marketing plans!

You can find more information about this complex, sarcastic, fun-loving gal at www.SandraGebhardt.com 🥳🥳

Bruce has consistently offered his clients the insights, strategies and the clear direction designed to help them make educated financial decisions and prepare themselves for their futures. Beginning his career in 1986, Bruce’s extensive knowledge in wealth planning and protection – retirement, estate, educational and life insurance solutions – allow him to provide a level of service to his clients personalized to help meet each of their specific needs and goals. Bruce and Robyn have raised 3 wonderful sons. Josh Weinstein lives in Myrtle Beach, SC and runs his company, Maverick Media. Matt Weinstein is an aspiring Broadway actor, living in NYC. While Matt Baratta, a FAU graduate, is the hospitality manager at a Fort Lauderdale Hotel property. When not working with clients, Bruce and Robyn enjoy traveling and wine tasting. They not only raised 3 boys, but also ‘raised’ 14 dogs over the last 20 years, including 5 great dane rescues. Currently, they are enjoying the company of their most recent rescue, Piper, another great dane they rescued in 2018. But most importantly, Bruce and Robyn enjoy spending time with their family.

Justin Stark started working with Bobby Brock Insurance in 2020 after being involved in sales businesses. Stark began as a sales agent for Bobby Brock Insurance at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. After about a year, Stark proved to be an example of what hard work and persistency can create. Stark became involved in more and more training opportunities with the company and became the top producing agent regarding premium and production.

As the company grew and began to service agencies around the country, Stark took an interest in other leadership roles with Bobby Brock Insurance. From a management and sales standpoint, Stark started the task of leading the company’s direct-to-consumer side of operations. Leading by example has permanently been engrained in Stark, especially from the Marine Corps Infantry and Law Enforcement background he brings to the company table.

Stark has a wife, Cassie Stark, and two sons, Graceyne and John Luke. He has readily accepted the position of Chief Operations Officer. He looks forward to a bright and scaling future helping Justin Brock and the team at Bobby Brock Insurance revolutionize the insurance industry by being a business that has a process and desire that benefits everyone it comes into contact with. The idea has never been to live forever but to create something that will, Bobby Brock Insurance.